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The Sparrow

Along Came Ruth is the tangled love story of a tortured hero, who sets out to save an endangered woman from the threat of the war, but our damsel in distress turns the tables, and ends up saving him from the suffocating weight of an agonizing life. Now he must choose between letting go of the pain in his past, and the love of a woman he tried so hard to hate.


Like most women, I am a wearer of many hats. Mother of twins and wife to an amazing man, my life is filled with all sorts of insanity--only of the best kind. I am a proud Hockey Mom and Girl Scout Helper. I am a Volunteer Art Teacher for middle school kids and Freelance Designer (like I said, many hats)

I have always been a creator - an artist, a seamstress, a gardener. But, telling stories, creating worlds and the characters that live in them is something I need to do. It's a passion and . . . maybe sometimes a disorder.

Thank you for exploring my page and learning about my stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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Along Came Ruth

Amelia Klinge, a spitfire Private Investigator has evaded the hit list of a dirty Senator for two years running. Her dark past comes to call in the form of an antagonizing and unbelievably sexy ex-cop. Ryan McLane was blackmailed into hunting down the rogue heiress, but a sizzling electric energy pulses between them and Amelia's predator becomes her reluctant hero when their shared past-lives careen into the present. 

In a world long forgotten, a base-born princess and a Viking warrior shared an all-encompassing love that ended in violence and grief. Realizing they bear the hearts of these lovers, Ryan and Amelia are torn between two irreconcilable lives. Through the sleepy streets of a Podunk town, they embark in a life and death race against time. Amid an onslaught of deadly attacks, the pair must decipher clues from a tragic Viking romance or lose their hearts and their lives to the same star-crossed fate.

The Ren


The first book in the series, The Ren delivers a modern, coming of age love story of impossible choices, sacrifice and hope. Most people dream of second chances at love, but for Lizzie, it’s her biggest fear. Will she succumb to her fears or risk everything to follow her heart? 

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Author Sarah Bailey

Fate has kept them apart for nine long years; now Robert has to make a choice between having a family of his own and protecting the only woman he's ever loved. Can two hearts that are meant to be together finally become one, or will he let her get away . . . again?

The Waiting