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Like Lizzie, I am an artist. I have spent most of my career knee deep in paint, with charcoal smeared all over my face or manipulating computer images into works of digital art. While writing is new to me, storytelling is not. I have always used images to tell my tales; to convey emotions, to share a moment. Sometimes there are stories that have a way of making themselves heard in their own voice. The story of Lizzie and Bobby has woven itself so completely into my heart, and I hope it grabs onto you the way it has me. Thank you for sharing this part of my journey with me.

The first book in the series, The Ren delivers a modern, coming of age love story of impossible choices, sacrifice and hope. Most people dream of second chances at love, but for Lizzie, it’s her biggest fear. Will she succumb to her fears or risk everything to follow her heart? 

The Waiting


Fate has kept them apart for nine long years; now Robert has to make a choice between having a family of his own and protecting the only woman he's ever loved. Can two hearts that are meant to be together finally become one, or will he let her get away . . . again?

Author Sarah Bailey

The Ren

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