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FAIRIES DO NOT HAVE BAD BREATH is a playful picture book that tells the story of Minnie, a wildly willful little fairy with a human family. She tries to avoid silly humany things like making her bed and cleaning her room, but she absolutely, positively draws the line at brushing her teeth. After all, fairies DO NOT have bad breath--let's not be absurd! When her goldfish goes belly up, the plants in the garden wilt, and even Francisco, her dog, shrinks away from her odiferous breath, and the mountain of malodorous clues can no longer be ignored, Minnie is forced to think the unthinkable. What if fairies DO have bad breath?!? *gasp*

The Secret Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

Once Upon a Frog

Turning the classic tale of The Princess and the Frog on its ear, ONCE UPON A FROG, is an early chapter book that tells the story of a wicked witch, her propensity for turning adversaries into amphibians, and the subversive nature of a young (now frog-ified) princess who won’t go down without a fight. She’s not waiting around for some fancy-pants, crown-wearing guy to kiss her (yuck) and save the day--she can do that herself.

Princess Francine recruits the best of the best and forms the F.B.R. (Frog Bad-guy Removers). Once they pass their Tactical Training, Aerial Acrobatics for Beginners, and Stealthy Strategies 101 classes, these specialized frogs embark on a dangerous mission to save their town and become human again. If they fail, they will forever remain green and slimy. If they succeed, their world goes back to normal—with one less witch to worry about. Can a team of battle-ready frogs take on the magical skills of the powerful bully Griselda?

Fairies DO NOT Have Bad Breath

The Secret Ingredient