"I loved it!  This is not just another love story - the chemistry and heat between Lizzie and Bobby practically emanates off the pages as the two struggle to find a place in each other's hearts.  Lizzie's head-strong ways, and Bobby's nonchalant attitude have the reader begging for them to come together in this well written novel.  I can't wait to see what happens in 'The Waiting'!!!"


"The unique setting and the complex relationship is absolutely captivating."


"The Ren is a well written novel by a first time writer. Her dynamic style captures you right from the start. It's the type of book that once you start reading, you can't put down. You become invested in the characters, Lizzie & Bobby. You need to know who they are, how they got to this place in life and what happens to them next. Amazing book from a very talented writer."


"Lizzie is the down-to-earth, beautiful (but she doesn't know it), head-strong girl refusing to believe she needs anyone for anything.  Bobby, the swoon-worthy, devoted bachelor, won't let anyone keep him from his dreams.  The two collide and their chemistry keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to end, and still craving more.  I can't wait to see what's in store for Lizzie and Bobby in the next book!"


" Lizzie is immediately a developed character from the first paragraph, and it's clear she's a strong voice..."


"Loved it! From start to finish Lizzie and Bobby captivate the reader, with their tumultuous and passionate love story."


"Sarah's got a great talent for writing, and the potential to develop into an established & successful author very quickly. Want to see more from her!"


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The Ren


They fell in love over 101 classes, second-hand furniture, and cheap beer. Fast and combustible, their love was epic. At 19, it’s easy to be epic.

Nine years later, ROBERT WOLFE, a relationship-phobic movie star, and LIZZIE JAMESON, a fiercely self-reliant artist, collide under the pulsing strobe lights of an elite southern California nightclub. Now, a second chance with the man that razed her life to the ground once before means risking the safety of her son – something Lizzie won’t allow.

With the bank account of a Sultan, he could easily take Max away. If Robert learns she’s been keeping their son a secret from him for all these years, he wouldn’t bat an eye, and her life would be decimated. Worse yet, if the paparazzi get their depraved and gnarled hands on her unaffected little boy, they’ll rip him apart the same way they’d shredded her. She’s been able to protect him this long, and the dissolution of her world into some pathetic episode of TMZ cannot happen. She won’t let it. Not again.

Despite their painful past, walking away from a love that’s still frustratingly tattooed on her heart is more difficult than she wants to admit. Vulnerability has never been Lizzie’s strong suit. But, in that secret place, where the blackest of fears tangles itself up inside her happiest dream, she’d give anything to breathe life into the sigh-pulling hope that their mismatched family could someday be whole.Most people dream of second chances, but for Lizzie, it’s her biggest fear. Will she succumb to her fears or risk everything to follow her heart? A Second Round Finalist of the ABNA Awards and Winner of the Unpublished Beacon Contest, THE REN delivers a modern, coming of age story of impossible choices, sacrifice and hope.  

International film star Robert Wolfe, is used to being alone, until recently he preferred it. But when Lizzie Jameson crashes into him one night out of the blue, he realizes he doesn't want to live without her anymore. Fate has kept them apart for nine long years; now Robert has to make a choice between having a family of his own and protecting the only woman he's ever loved. Can two hearts that are meant to be together finally become one, or will he let her get away . . .  again?

The Waiting


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The Sparrow


After two years of living on the knife’s edge between secrecy and survival, private investigator AMELIA KLINGE’s past has finally caught up with her. Cornered in a podunk town, she’s stalked by a crooked Senator trying to keep her quiet, and her vicious step-brother who wants her gone. When Amelia’s rescued from path of a homicidal Cadillac, she’s unprepared for the familiar face of her hero—the same irresistible man who’s starred in her dreams for the past twenty years.

The last thing ex-detective, RYAN McLANE needs on his plate is a rogue heiress with a shadowed history. McLane’s of Back Bay has been in the family for four generations. Thanks to Ryan’s hot temper and the weight of blackmail hanging over his head, his family’s bar is in jeopardy of closing. He’ll do anything to protect it, until he sees the girl from his reoccurring dreams in the face of his target. Before he can absorb that nugget of insanity, Ryan’s hit by the same Cadillac that took a swipe at his dream girl.

Clamoring for answers, Amelia convinces an injured Ryan to throw in together, claiming his life is in danger for saving hers. Drawn to the infuriating redhead, Ryan concedes, hoping to expose what she’s hiding about their mysterious connection. With a new common enemy attacking from all sides, the spark between them ignites, and a secret that’s been buried for over a thousand years careens into the present.

In a world long forgotten, a base-born princess and a Viking warrior shared an all-encompassing love that ended in violence and grief. Now their souls demand reconciliation. Learning they bear the hearts of these lovers, Ryan and Amelia are torn between two irreconcilable lives. If they can’t find a way to stop history from repeating itself, the sins of the past will become the murders of the present.

Told in two timelines, THE SPARROW (97,000 words) weaves the past with the present in a suspenseful romance with speculative aspects that will appeal to readers of MARIANNA and ONE FOR THE MONEY.

When JOHN ELLIS is sent to Europe, he doesn't consider that the world is on the tipping point of The Great War. Upon arrival in London, CLARENCE HUNT sends John on a mission into the ravaged French countryside to pull his stubborn sister-in-law to safety before the Germans can reach her.

Once a successful lawyer, John was working for a father and a system he didn't realize was corrupt. When he discovered how much his too-powerful father was willing to sacrifice in the name of success, he walked away from that life, earning the wrath of his family and the loss of his fiancé. Heart-broken and cynical, this now-jaded man can't stand excess, especially those that have it.

Since her husband died, RUTHIE HUNT has defiantly stood her ground. She won't let Clarence remove her from her home without first helping her staff to safety. Despite the dangers of the encroaching war, she's been able to deny him. But Clarence just offered the one thing she can't refuse, the safety of the people she loves. The price for his assistance--Ruthie must exchange her freedom for theirs in an arranged marriage to an American stranger. Knowing the people she's trying to save would stop her if they knew, she keeps Clarence's offer a secret. But Ruthie isn't about to go down without a fight, and God help the man who tries to stand in her way--even if he's the rugged American trying to save her life.

A secret and back-handed arranged marriage, the approaching dangers of war, and the pride of a broken man twist together in a heart-felt love story that forces John to choose between letting go of his past and the love of a woman he tried so hard to hate.

Along Came Ruth


The Waiting


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